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Perception & Process

ERGOSquared™ is our proven process to develop customized and extraordinary marketing strategies, focused on revenue acceleration and scalability. The process incorporates ongoing consumer/user, technological, and KPI assessments, acceptance, adaptiveness, and adjustments.

ERGO is an acronym for Ecosystem for Revenue Growth and Objectivity.

Squared represents our practice of multiplying the efforts and overall elements of the specific strategy that are proving valuable.

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Strategy Identify & Prioritize

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Traditional marketing is broadly defined by most as the combination of applied principles, methodologies, plans and actions that are intended to promote and sell a product/service to an ideal client, customer, or business. A modern marketing approach is designed to remain consumer/user-centric, provide solutions, and utilize technology for quick changes when dictated by societal or consumer/user persona changes. Indeed, we recognize the greatest values are the consumer/user perspective, needs, psychological and modes of persuasion data to adequately connect the ideal customer/user. However, ERGOSquared™ moves us a little deeper and beyond by recognizing a multitude of additional factors that contribute to the success of the marketing efforts. These factors include: consumer persona, the impact of effective or ineffective leadership and operations to funding and capacity.

ERGOSquared™ requires a full assessment of the product/service, key people, processes, internal/external presentation, growth capacity, and profitability, in order to develop the big-picture marketing strategy and actionable KPI’s. The process includes determining which marketing components to deploy; how to ensure consistency and cohesiveness of all marketing components (necessary for a specific strategy). For the highest ROI, we often multiply the market advantage by skillfully integrating the most effective elements of traditional marketing with standard modern marketing during the ERGOSquared™ process. Also, it is important to point out that while research, data analysis, and concept development are necessary and applied practices for both traditional and standard modern marketing, we continue the same for each component and relevant department, which helps to add value, interdepartmental collaboration opportunities, and measures of accountability.

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